Our properties are not your typical rentals! They are our family's vacation homes.
We use them ourselves, and rent them out. They are furnished like a home, not a hotel!
We also want you to have that "home away from home" feeling, while you are staying in one of our properties.
So, if you are looking for a relaxing vacation spot, away from the usual "hustle and bustle",
our Manasota Key Beach House may be the place for you.
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"Our Properties" for more information.
Manasota Key is an enchanting barrier island, located just off Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast.
Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Lemon Bay, it is accessible by bridge from Englewood.
The Key is still relatively unspoiled, largely undiscovered, and quite spectacular to explore.
You will find secluded nature trails and hidden coves that will transport you back in time.
Manasota Key has no traffic lights or high rise buildings, just a two-lane road,
that runs the length of the island, with pristine white sand beaches on each side.
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We purchased this property a few years ago from a local artist, who owned it for 32 years.
It is situated on a two large lots, with its own private botanical gardens,
just a "stone's throw" (150 ft.) from the Gulf of Mexico, and a beautiful, private beach!
Only 1/2 mile from the state park, and 3/4 of a mile from restaurants and stores.
Both properties have been renovated and decorated beyond any other home available for rent.
You will find everything you will need, with the exception of a beach towel and your clothes!
Plus, our Beachcomber Bungalo is the ONLY rental home, that we know of, with a BILLIARD ROOM,
featuring a beautiful New Brunswick drop pocket pool table!
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